My First Post

Hello my name is Mandip. Welcome to my website a collection of things that interest me within the context of R and programming. My first encounter with R was 4 years ago when my sister mentioned that R could be the solution to my problem of annoying repetitive tasks that I often did in traditional spreadsheets. I gave it a shot and spent the entire summer trying to replicate what I had already done in a spreadsheet and enhancing the process as I saw fit. 4 years later and it has become my tool of choice. I have never looked back since.

This website is long overdue. I am a regular reader of blogs and owe much of my success in R from reading and executing on the ideas from the blogs I read. These blogs inspired me to start and finish a number of hobby projects in R, which you will read about in my forthcoming posts. The goal of this blog is two pronged.

  1. The blog plans to cover topics that are wide wide ranging and interesting to me and hopefully to other so that they may be inclined to take the journey that many have.

  2. I also aim to increase my knowledge and understanding of the R software environment by writing